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Equity and Fairness

ISAT has been developed to assist universities in ranking applicants in a way that is valid and fair.

ISAT is developed to rigorous professional and technical standards. Test questions are designed by a team of ACER test writers who are expert in their subject areas. The content, style and duration of the test are determined to ensure the testing program is relevant, fair, valid and reliable.

ISAT test data are subjected to statistical analysis to check that each test question has performed as required. Test questions in development are carefully scrutinised in an ongoing attempt to minimise gender, ethnic or cultural bias.

As part of the ongoing development of ISAT, the test may contain a small number of trial questions which will not be scored.

Appropriate and secure test conditions are ensured by Prometric's standardised test administration guidelines and procedures, to which all test centres and supervisors must adhere. ACER controls all quality aspects of the test development and reporting.

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ISAT in Brisbane

If you wish to sit ISAT in Brisbane, please contact To register for the next ISAT test in Brisbane on 9 June 2017, please contact us by 26 May 2017.

ISAT 2017

Registrations for ISAT 2017 are open.

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