Some candidates become confused about which reference number to use as their “ISAT ID”.

When you register with Prometric in order to book an ISAT test sitting, you are provided (via email) with:

1) A Prometric Testing ID (eg. SR5394650); and

2) An Order Confirmation Number/Document Number (eg.000007Y75SYD5369) = ISAT ID. Your ID will be 16 digits long.

See a sample of the email you'll receive from Prometric: ISAT test sitting Appointment Summary.

The ISAT ID is to be quoted on your tertiary admissions applications and it is important that you do not provide institutions with the incorrect ISAT ID. Confusion caused by providing the incorrect ISAT ID may lead to delay in reviewing your application or failure to access your ISAT results, which are critical as part of your application.

The ISAT ID must also be used to retrieve your results. It is important that you are aware of the correct ID to use.