ISAT 2023 results will be released within 2 weeks from the last day of your test window sitting.

Once you results are ready, you will receive an email from the ISAT Office. You will then be required to login into your ACER account to access your results.

Results will be available no later than the following dates. Please do not contact the ISAT office before these dates.

Test window 1: 17 February 2023

Test window 2: 26 May 2023

Test window 3: 25 August 2023

Test window 4: 24 November 2023

Common questions

Common questions

You will receive an email from the ISAT Office when your results become available. You will then be required to login into your ACER account to view your results.

Contact us via the contact page on this website. Please include your ISAT ID, full name, date of birth, test venue and date of test in your enquiry.

A Statement of Results will be generated as a PDF. You should download and print or save it for your records. The ISAT Office does not issue physical certified hardcopy of your results.

As an applicant to a university, it is your responsibility to supply the university with your ISAT ID and your ISAT results.

At the time of registering for your ISAT test sitting, you should nominate which university/universities can access your ISAT results for the purposes of verifying the record you supply to them. This can be updated in your account if you wish to add/ remove university selections.

If you have changed your email address, please email the ISAT Office at immediately or use the contact us page, so that we can send your result notification to the correct email address. Verification of your identity will be required in order to confirm the change.

Please check all your email addresses to find out which one received the Confirmation of Registration email from ACER. This will be the username for your ACER account.

Currency of results

Results are considered current for 2 years.

Test takers may only re-sit ISAT 12 months after their previous sitting.

For example, if a test taker sat for ISAT on 10 April 2022, then they could re-sit for the test after 10 April 2023.

If a test taker has more than one result in the ACER database, the most recent sitting (if both completed within 12 months) will be cancelled and the universities will be notified.


ACER will not enter into appeals against ISAT results once they have been released. Candidates are advised that ISAT results are released only after careful calculation and extensive checking. Errors in scoring are highly unlikely.

Requests for re-marking will not be considered. Nor is it possible to give special consideration for impaired performance on the day of the test caused by illness, technical or other unexpected personal situations.

Please note that test takers will not be provided with any additional information regarding scores or the scoring process. All information remains the property of ACER and the candidate has no right of inspection. Test takers indicate their agreement to these conditions at the beginning of the computer-based test.

Complaints and appeals policy