On the day of the test you will be required to show two forms of current identification, one of which must be embedded photo-bearing identification.

Your identification must contain a photograph which is a recognisable likeness of you as you are at the time of sitting the test. A group or childhood photograph is not acceptable.

If the identification you present does not contain a photograph of you (as you look on the test day) you will not be allowed to sit ISAT.

The only acceptable forms of photo-bearing identification are:

  • a current driver's licence,
  • a current passport, or
  • a current National Identity Card from your country of citizenship

Your identification documents (together) must provide the test centre with proof of your:

  • full name,
  • signature,
  • date of birth, and
  • recent photograph

Both forms of identification need not contain all four elements above, as long as they do so, collectively.

If you do not present 2 forms of identification as described above, you will not be allowed to sit ISAT.