Prometric Test Centre Regulations

Candidates are expected to comply with Prometric Test Centre regulations, and will sign an agreement to the following before they begin:


A Test Centre Administrator will monitor you continuously during your testing session and your session may be videotaped. Your are expected to comply with the following regulations during the entire time that you are in the testing area. These regulations will be strictly enforced.

  1. It is expressly prohibited to disclose, publish, reproduce, or transmit any part of this exam, in any form, by any means, verbal or written, for any purpose, without the express written permission of the certifying organisation. Violation may result in civil or criminal prosecution.
  2. Do not talk to other candidates or refer to their screens, testing materials, or written notes.
  3. Do not use written notes, published materials, or other testing aids, except those allowed by your testing program. Laptop computers, personal digital assistants (PDA), and calculators are not allowed.
  4. Do not bring unauthorised items into the testing area. Items such as food, drinks, purses, briefcases, notebooks, pagers, smart devices, recording devices, and photography equipment cannot be brought into the testing room. Weapons are never allowed at a Prometric Testing Centre.
  5. Do not copy questions and/or answers, attempt to take them out of the testing area, or share them with other candidates. If you have a concern about a test question, please see your Administrator.
  6. You will conduct yourself in a civil manner at all times when on the premises of the testing centre. Exhibiting abusive behaviour towards the Test Centre Administrator, or any other staff member of the test centre facility, may result in criminal prosecution.