ISAT 2024 Declaration

IMPORTANT: Please read the LEGAL NOTICE at the end of ISAT Information Booklet 2024 (“the Booklet”).

By registering to sit the ISAT You are entering a binding legal agreement between You and The Australian Council for Educational Research Ltd (ABN 19 004 398 145) (“ACER”) in relation to Your registration for the ISAT, and all associated administrative and other consequent activities regarding the ISAT provided digitally in an ISAT testing centre or from another location by remote proctoring in 2024, consists of: 

  1. The Booklet, including its Legal Notice;
  2. any instructions issued from time to time regulating test takers’ sitting of the ISAT;
  3. the Test Day Instructions meaning any instructions issued by ACER or a Proctor on a sitting day; and
  4. this declaration.

(“the Legal Agreement”)

Ensure You understand fully and are familiar with the contents of the Legal Agreement before You complete your registration for the ISAT as it details important conditions in respect of your participation in the ISAT. 

NOTE: the terms of the Legal Agreement may vary from sitting to siting of ISAT and, therefore, you should re-familiarise with each part of the Legal Agreement detailed above before each sitting of ISAT. You should not assume that the terms and conditions applicable to a previous sitting are the same in every respect as those which are set out in the Legal Agreement. 

The declarations below signify You AGREE:

  1. To the Legal Agreement which will apply to your registration for and participation in ISAT in 2024 and all matters consequent thereon;
  2. In the event of an ISAT sitting in 2024 being compromised or having to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond ACER’s reasonable control it may be necessary for You to, and at ACER’s sole discretion:
    1. re-sit ISAT:
      1. on a date;
      2. at a testing venue; and
      3. with a remote proctoring service;
    2. other than that originally specified by ACER; and undertake further action in finalisation of those alternative arrangements;
  3. For logistical reasons and in ACER’s sole discretion, if required you may be allocated a date, time and testing venueor remote proctored session when available in respect of your undertaking of the ISAT i.e. you may not have a choice of date, time and/or venue;
  4. To comply with any direction, guideline or policy issued by ACER concerning compliance with public health orders or regulations applicable to your undertaking of the ISAT;
  5. That to sit ISAT in 2024, you are a bona fide prospective applicant to a course for which ISAT is a pre-requisite;
  6. You meet the requirements for eligibility set out in the ISAT Information Booklet 2024;
  7. Not to use or divulge to any third party, information concerning the test questions in ISAT for Your own or any third party’s personal or commercial gain;
  8. Not to post or publish any specific part or aspect of the content of ISAT. This includes publication on the internet, in any digital format or other format;
  9. That the information You give in Your application for registration for the ISAT in 2024 is true and correct. The giving of false or misleading information constitutes misconduct, may result in permanent disqualification from undertaking ISAT in the future, and may jeopardise Your chances of being admitted into any course for which ISAT is a pre-requisite; and
  10. That You are the person whose name and address appears on this registration.

I CONFIRM that I have read the:

  • ISAT Information Booklet 2024 including its Legal Notice;
  • Test Day Instructions; and
  • Privacy Statement for ISAT;

I AGREE to the Legal Agreement governing my participation in the ISAT and GIVE THE CONSENTS specified in the ACER Privacy Statements (should you not wish to give the consents specified by ACER or have any queries please notify ACER by using the contact details contained in its Privacy Statement).

Registering for ISAT online is a 5 step process:

Step 1: Test Session and Personal Details

Step 2: Additional information

Step 3: Publications

Step 4: Confirmation

Step 5: Payment

Proceed to the secure payment screen and follow the instructions. After you have paid, you may wish to print the Tax Invoice/Receipt for your records. A copy will also be emailed to the address you have provided.

Confirmation email

A message will be sent to your email address, containing your registration details. Please inform the ISAT Office as soon as possible of any errors contained in that email, by replying to that message.