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The purpose of ISAT is to assess your abilities in a range of cross-curricular skills. ISAT measures skills acquired over a period of time, including the ability to reason, make logical deductions and form judgements. The test does not draw on any particular subject knowledge. There would therefore be little benefit to be gained by ‘cramming’ or coaching. Your best preparation may be to read widely and to think critically about what you read. However, some familiarity with the question types typically presented in ISAT is an advantage. For this reason, some sample questions are provided on this site. You can now also purchase the ISAT Practice Test here!

Candidates should note that ACER does not endorse any commercially available courses claiming to offer ISAT preparation.

PLEASE NOTE: When you register for ISAT through the Prometric website, a screen promoting preparation products comes up. This is generic for Prometric's many testing programs and does NOT apply to ISAT.

Latest news

ISAT in Brisbane

If you wish to sit ISAT in Brisbane, please contact To register for the next ISAT test in Brisbane on 9 June 2017, please contact us by 26 May 2017.

ISAT 2017

Registrations for ISAT 2017 are open.

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