All ISAT test sessions will be conducted via remote proctoring.

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Test dates

Test window 1: 15–23 January 2024 (24–25 January for re-sits)

Test window 2: 29 April–8 May 2024 (9–10 May for re-sits)

Test window 3: 29 July–7 August 2024 (8–9 August for re-sits)

Test window 4: 29 October–6 November 2024 (7–8 November for re-sits)

Test takers may only re-sit 12 months after their previous sitting has elapsed.

How to register for ISAT

  1. Read the pre-registration requirements and information.

  2. Create an ACER account.

  3. Register for ISAT via your ACER account.

  4. Register for a ProctorU account.

  5. Receive your invitation from the ISAT Office to book with ProctorU.

  6. Book your test session with ProctorU.

  7. Access preparation materials.

  8. Read and understand the test day requirements.

Payment, refunds and deferrals

The registration fee for ISAT is AUD427. Payment is made to ACER at the time of registration.

Refund policy 


Test takers are able to defer their ISAT registration to any test window within the testing period. A deferral request will incur a deferral fee of AUD70.

Test takers may only defer their sitting once. No changes to the test sitting can be made once the deferral request has been submitted.

Test takers may defer their registration to any future test windows but it must be to a date after their original registered test window.

Once a deferral has been processed, test takers cannot then apply for a refund of their deferred sitting after the refund date listed on the 'Important ISAT dates' on the ISAT Home page.

What is the ISAT ID?

When you register to sit ISAT with ACER, you are provided with an ISAT ID. It will be included in your initial confirmation email and via your ACER account.

The ISAT ID must be quoted on your tertiary admissions applications. Do not provide institutions with the incorrect ISAT ID. If you use an incorrect ISAT ID, institutions may be delayed in reviewing your application or not be able to access your ISAT results, which are critical to your applications.

Reasonable adjustments

If you have a disability or other health-related or educational need that might interfere with your ability to sit the test in the standard manner, you should apply for reasonable adjustments as soon as possible after you complete your registration.

If you are unsure, we recommend you submit an application. All requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis and all reasonable efforts will be made to provide you with support and appropriate testing conditions for your needs.

To complete all the pre-test preparations, all requests need to be submitted no later than the close of registration as listed below:

  • Test window 1: 2 January 2024 (9 pm AEDT)
  • Test window 2: 15 April 2024 (9 pm AEST)
  • Test window 3: 15 July 2024 (9 pm AEST)
  • Test window 4: 14 October 2024 (9 pm AEDT)


Supporting Documentation

Please note there are changes to the types of medical documentation required to complete an application for reasonable adjustments. 

Please read the new Documentation Requirements Guidelines for Reasonable Adjustments ISAT.


List of Common Reasonable Adjustments

This list is not exhaustive, other adjustments can also be granted.

Setting – Allowance for a test taker to undertake a test with permitted aides

  • Use of Irlen Spectral Filters
  • Use of coloured overlay
  • Printed bilingual dictionary for test takers whose native language is not English
  • Permission to have blood glucose testing kit and insulin
  • Permission to have medication
  • Permission to have food/drink
  • Permission to stand and stretch

Timing and scheduling - Change to how long a test taker has to complete a test

  • Extended time to complete a test
  • Rest breaks

Common questions

Yes, you need to submit an application each time you sit the ISAT test. Arragements will only be valid for the test window and year the application was submitted.

Adjustment request deadlines

For psychometric reasons there is no possibility of reviewing or giving special consideration to test results, such as adjusting results for any perceived or actual disadvantage; or whether the actual or perceived disadvantage arises from any incident on the sitting day or any wanted adjustment to sitting conditions. Consequently, it is important that any such adjustment be applied for in accordance with ACER's reasonable adjustments procedure. This will ensure such adjustments are made in advance of sitting.