How to Register

Step 1: Have an email address and credit card

Candidates should note that all correspondence will be conducted via email. It is ESSENTIAL that candidates can provide and have access to a valid, functional email address. You must use the same email address for your university applications.

Note: To ensure your email provider does not flag important communication from the ISAT Office as spam, please save the ISAT email address ( to your list of safe senders.

Step 2: Check the waiting period for ISAT

You must have at least 12 calendar months between sittings of ISAT. 

For candidates attempting a second sitting of ISAT, you will not be permitted to register for a sitting of ISAT that is within 12 months of your last date of sitting. If you sit the test within 12 months the registration fee paid will be forfeited and the results from the second sitting of ISAT will be immediately withdrawn. The candidate will not be permitted to sit the test again until 12 months after the last sitting.

ISAT results are valid for two years from the test date. You may sit ISAT up to two years before your university applications.

Step 3: Check the name on your ISAT registration matches the name on your photo ID

Name terminology
You must use your full formal name as per your passport or other official identity documentation. Your name should be registered for the ISAT test exactly as it is used to apply to universities or admissions centres. This is an important element of matching test results and university applications.

Names are described in different ways on documentation:
The family name is sometimes called "surname" or "last name".
The given names are sometimes called "first name" and "second name"; the second name is also sometimes called "middle name".

The fields in the Prometric registration system are called "First name", "Middle name" and "Last name".
If you have an anglicised given name, as well as Asian given names, it is suggested you record the anglicised name as your middle name. See example below:

First Name:

Chee Xian

Middle Name:


Last Name:


The "REGISTER HERE" link below will take you to the Prometric registration site. 

Once in the Prometric registration site, you must take a series of steps:

  1. Select the round green 'Create an Account' button.
  2. Once you have created an account or logged in, you will need to click on Schedule now.
  3. Follow the prompts and selections through to the list of test centres available in your country.
  4. Once you have found the location in which you wish to sit the test, select 'Schedule an Appointment' next to the listed test centre.
  5. Please note: be sure not to try and book your test on a public or national holiday - if such a date appears as available, please phone the test center and confirm that they will be open.
  6. Continue to follow the prompts if you are ready to complete your registration by making your payment. You will then receive confirmation via email.

If you have specific questions about your registration, please contact the Prometric Candidate Care line applicable to your region. The phone numbers are located on the Prometric/ACER website. Select the link to either: 'Americas', 'Asia Pacific' or 'Europe, Middle East & Africa'. Prometric/ACER Contact Numbers

(Do not forget to use your full official name when registering!)

Frequently asked questions about registering for ISAT on the Prometric site