Refund Policy

Please note that a US$50 fee will be charged if you reschedule or cancel your test session within 30 calendar days of the appointment.

Requests for changes to the selected test session on your registration, or the cancellation of your registration, must be made according to the following guidelines:


Cancellation/Reschedule Period

Cancellation/Rescheduling Fee


30 or more business days before Test date



1-29 business days before scheduled Test date

US$50 per cancellation/reschedule


a) less than 1 business day before Test date, or

b) fails to appear for a scheduled Test, or

c) presents himself/herself more than thirty (30) minutes after the scheduled start time for taking the Test and is refused admission.

The full Test Delivery Fee for the cancelled/rescheduled Test.

Candidates must confirm all cancellations / changes through the Prometric website and direct contact with Prometric staff. Leaving a message on a recorder or voice mail is not sufficient to confirm cancellation/change.

ACER and Prometric reserve the right to refuse or cancel a registration in certain circumstances.