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Reporting to the Test Centre

You should report to the test centre 15 minutes before the published starting time of the test.

What to bring

  • Mandatory: Confirmation of Registration email printout
  • Mandatory: Photographic identification
  • Highly recommended: Ear plugs - a precautionary measure to avoid distraction

Candidates will sign the log book at the beginning and end of the test, and at the beginning and end of any exit from the test room (eg a bathroom break). These signatures are confirmed against ID documentation.

All candidate belongings are locked in a personal locker prior to entry to the test room.

Candidates whose native language is not English may bring a printed bilingual dictionary into the test. Dictionaries must not contain definitions of English words in English. Any candidate taking this option must submit the dictionary to the Supervisor for inspection before the test begins. Candidates should note that electronic dictionaries are not permitted.

You may leave the test room to access water and food under supervision. There is no extra time for this break.

Prohibited items

The following items must not be brought into the test room:

  • food & drink of any kind
  • bags, briefcases, crash helmets
  • audio devices, with or without earphones
  • books, papers, newspapers
  • mobile phones, pagers, laptops, palm pilots
  • pencil cases, rulers
  • calculators
  • dictionaries other than a standard, printed bilingual dictionary

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